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A : Using an accounting software helps to cut down double entry, human errors and increase productivity.

A : Some Accountants insist you must use MYOB. They do this because it suits them. Our recommendation is that you use the software that suits you best. your accountant exists to do your end of year accounts, advise on tax. A good accountant should be able to open any accounting software and run the reports they want.

A : We recommend customers to buy support when purchasing a software. You can always renew support with us.

A : MYOB premier supports companies that deal with overseas companies. 

A : Our consultants would meet up with you and scope out more on your requirements and needs to recommend a suitable solution. We don't push products - we provide solutions.

A : MYOB supports data migration. Therefore, when your Excel worksheet is saved as CSV, it can be transferred to MYOB.

A : No. You can start anytime. 

A: Premier allows you to: 
  • Able to cater to businesses that deal with other currencies so that it is easier to track accounts 
  • Multi currencies 
  • Track inventory from different locations
  • Gst submissions can be included 

A: All software sold are applicable for government grants, please call for more information.

A : The migration from your current software to the next will be done by our implementation team, however some documents and reports needs to be prepared prior to migration. 

A : Depending on your needs and software, it is optional and we will advise whether an upgrade on your system is recommended. Newer versions of the software will have additional features and fixes which might be needed.

A : Cloud-based systems allow you to access your data and information remotely at any time because it is stored in the cloud. With server-based systems, data is stored on-site in a server, meaning that you can only access information using the hardware connected with that server. Typically, cloud-hosted services require a monthly fee and you do not own the software license. Traditional server-based applications enable you to purchase the software license.

A : Unlimited.

A: 1.

A : Yes. Both MYOB & Autocount can perform GST filing. 

A : Yes. You can generate Trading, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and General Ledger. 

A : Yes, you can perform monthly bank reconciliation. 


A : Yes.