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Customers don’t always see the benefit of a customer support and service agreement. Here’s why we think you should not be penny wise / pound foolish and get your support for specifically MYOB and AutoCount in order.

  1. We know you. The software we sell comes out of a box, but during implementation we configure it for you; we help you input your data, setup your profit & loss, your chart of accounts, we put in your specific company data and configure processes. In other words: we know how you’re working. The software company (MYOB for instance) does not. They will know the software, not how you’re using it. But we do.
  2. Things change. Your company grows and evolves. So what we configure with you during implementation is likely to need some change after a while: maybe you need additional reports, new staff needs to be trained, you want to optimize your workflow. Because we know what you started with, we can help you to make better use of the business software and improve your profitability.
  3. You never know. Perhaps your accountant falls ill, perhaps your data gets lost. You hope these calamities do not happen, but unfortunately bad things do happen. In these situations some help and support are indispensable.

A support agreement doesn’t cost a lot of money - for the price of a kopi-o per day you are covered. If you sign up now, we will do a review of your setup and welcome you to our support team!