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In the digital era the customer is not only king, but dictates the terms and time of engagement as well. Communication is no longer initiated by the company but by the customer; more than ever the customer is in charge


SME Software Solutions is strong in software for SMEs, while we interpret our role in the market in a wide sense. So we attended this event <…>


Branding is a word many people know but few can define well, so let’s start with that: first of all a brand is the perception of a product or service in the consumer's mind. On top of that it’s important to realize that perception is mostly determined by how you feel about a brand.


Since we’re all consumers, most of us understand why building a brand is important:

  • It tells people about your business
  • It promotes recognition and creates an emotional connection.
  • It differentiates you from your competition.
  • It helps customer know what to expect

The importance of branding has been recognized for a long time but key now is: what's different about building a brand in the digital age? In essence people don't want to be marketed to and they often don't really care about your product and service and definitely not at the moment that you want them to listen to you. The customer will look for you at a moment it is convenient for them – not when you blast a TV commercial………. To put it bluntly: all people really care about is themselves and how your product or service makes them free.

Finally some words of advice from the speaker:

  • Stand for something
  • Be authentic
  • Deliver on promises
  • Genuinely help people
  • Be consistent
  • Place the customer at the centre of your brand