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SPRING < SMEs Go Digital Business Seminar>

We all know SPRING as the organization helping SMEs in their ambition to become more productive, effective and profitable using technology. Read how you can benefit from the Go Digital plans.

However, Digital ordering & payment, fleet management, security system and ERP – the themes for 2016 and 2017 – are not relevant for all SMEs. Now SPRING is evolving towards Digital Capabilities, where the key topics are Cybersecurity, Data Analytics and the Internet of Things. 


The seminar we attended < URL > points out that SME Go Digital is to help SMEs grow in the current and future economy by helping SMEs to increase productivity and revenue using IT Solutions in the digital world.


A few other points mentioned in the speech by Mr Shaik Umar, Assistant Director, SMEs Go Digital, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). In bold our observations.


iSpring has ended in March 2017 and First IDP (Industry Digital Plan) by IMDA will be available towards the end of 2017. So that means you don’t get 70% from SPRING for investing in a simple accounting package.

SME Go Digital is focusing on 6 Industries – Wholesales & Retails, Environmental Services & Security, Food Services and Logistics. If you’re in these industries you’ll get help, in other industries you’ll have to find your own way.

Some more soundbites:

  • In the digital economy, SMEs can: capitalise on new growth opportunities and move up the value chain and enhance their competitiveness with ICT Capabilities such as data analytics, data protection, cyber security.
  • SME Go Digital creates synergy across different ITMS
  • SME Go digital is trying to create a one stop solutions for SMEs who can go to SME Centre as they will advise and recommend.


So how many SMEs now know what to do? If you’re struggling with this, maybe it’s time to talk to us. We can help you create a plan and ride the wave of change.