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  • Autocount Premium (Single User)

Autocount Premium (Single User)

Description: Autocount Premium (Single User)​ Software only

This edition contains the complete functions of 

  • General Ledger
  • Account Receivable and Account Payable
  • Invoicing and Stock Control functions that support full transfer and partial transfer
  • Landing Cost
  • Basic Multi-Location
  • Multi-UOM
  • Consignment
  • FOC Quantity 
  • Scripting Features
  • Advanced Multi-UOM
  • Filter by Salesman
  • Remote Credit Control
  • Item Package
  • Basic Assembly
  • Item Batch
  • Serial Number Control 
  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis Features

Autocount Premium – Suitable for companies who have one or more of the following characteristics: 

  1. Need to show stock reports in different units of measurements
  2. Need to allow a salesperson to view and/or access documents or bills created by himself only
  3. Need to remotely approve or reject a request of credit control sent from other PC
  4. Need to have different product package sales such as hamper;
  5. Need to do simple assembly of raw materials into finished goods;
  6. Need to further control and differentiate products by using batch number;
  7. Need to further control and differentiate products by using serial number;
  8. Need to do analysis of sales and purchase using pivot table
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  • $4,288.00



With its advanced technology such as Microsoft .Net Framework, SQL Server 2005, and internet ready,Autocount Accounting stands out as one of the best accounting software for today business requirements.

Characterized by its easy-to-learn and integrated features, Autocount Accounting helps to streamline your business operation. It provides strong and stable database for every type of business and able to perform all types of account transactions, no matter how complicated it is.

Here is a good summary of our customers’ feedback after using Autocount:

  1. Easy to use and very affordable
  2. Saves time, and can work efficiently
  3. Speedy, reliable, and scalability because the software sits on top of Microsoft SQL Server which provides great reliability and high performance
  4. Gives better security and authority with multi-level access control
  5. As your business grows and requirements change, the software allows you to upgrade from existing package by just adding optional modules.
  6. You can have instant, on-screen access to a list of daily sales activities, print statements for group of companies, financial reports etc.
  7. You can analyze your business performance easily with flexible, unique and sophisticated tools.
  8. It is easy to share data with others by exporting results into Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF and graphic formats.
  9. The software provides a much simpler and faster way to trace back past transactions for viewing, amendment or deletion.
  10. There are options to customize on the system in order to suit specific user requirements, which includes report and screen layout customization too.